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Mel de Menorca Dolçamar

Menorcan Honey


Best wild blossom honey in Spain 2018, 2019 and 2020 according to

Dolçamar® Menorca Honey is a very high quality product. Winner of various awards nationwide. It has also been selected for a course of the best honey tasters in the world in Bologna (Italy).

Tasting Dolçamar® is a pleasure for the senses. An experience in nuances of taste, color, texture and smell.

Honey candies with propolis

A new product from Dolçamar®, our candies are also distinguished by their quality.

Probably the best candies you’ve ever tasted. Made with Menorcan honey, propolis and dog rose.

They are great and honey!!

Caramels de Mel de Menorca i Pròpolis de Dolçamar

Spanish honey

Dolçamar® is an exclusive and scarce product, which is not always available all year round.

For this reason, we also offer you a selection of quality honeys from trusted beekepers of our country, always with the aim of offering the best products in our store.

Products Selected by dolçamar

Jams, "figat" and the first Menorcan ketchup




The honey of the Menorcans

Dolçamar Mel de Menorca, is the honey of Menorcans. It is Sea, it is Honey, it is the unequivocal desire to offer the world the best of the Mediterranean honeys.

Primary objective of Dolçamar is to send the honey from island to the places it deserves it, helping the Menorca brand to be known internationally for the highest quality of its gastronomic product

Discover, propose, investigate, create and select the best honeys and the best products that the island has at your disposal, some of them very unknown, are the goals that we can reach.

Dolcamar and Menorca are united in environment, their history , biodiversity , their immense growth possibilities and leadership in production of high quality local products.


We advise and carry out beekeeping projects on agricultural farms.

We study the extension of the farm, the dominant flora, the water points, and establish the ideal number of bee hives for their installation.

We carry out the whole process:

All from the experience and knowledge of Apicultura Menorca SL.

Trophys and awards of Menorcan Honey dolçamar®

Best Flower Honey 2020 according to Mieladictos for the third consecutive year.

Mieladictos Award 2020

1st Award Best Flower Honey

Mieladictos Award 2019

1st Award Best Flower Honey

Arrels Award 2019

Best Product Arrels Award

Award Mieladictos 2018

1st Award Best Flower Honey

Local Product Promotion Award 2018

Associació de Periodistes i Escriptors Gastronòmics de Balears

Original Honey Award 2014

VIII Concurs de Mels de les Illes Balears

Spring Honey Award 2012

VI Concurs de Mels de les Illes Balears

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